Migration Issues

Migration plays a key role in a world of increasing global mobility. The ability to move through third countries is of paramount importance to individuals, families and businesses. We understand that the decision to relocate, whether for families or businesses, is never easy and that the relocation process can be challenging. “Legalia” Law Office ” works closely with our clients, its family(main) offices, our colleagues and a lot of counselors outside the Republic of Kosovo, in different jurisdictions to understand the needs and circumstances of our clients.

Part of our businesses and citizens live and work outside the Republic of Kosovo, so we offer practical and coordinated solutions to immigration issues which take into account a wide range of requirements with special emphasis on our compatriots, such as arranging documentation and citizenship for citizens with two or more citizenships, representation in cases when our clients encounter conflicts of laws between the legislation of the two countries, tax planning, cases of visa refusal, etc.