"LEGALIA" Law Office in Prishtina is a specialized office in the field of business law providing legal services and consulting to local and foreign businesses. Our 15 years of experience in the field of business and banking justice (LAW) has enabled the identification of business problems, their handling and the solution of these problems in a professional manner. Our office is dedicated to helping(supporting) businesses, investors, entrepreneurs and our clients’ work through complex legal issues and negotiations but also the development of litigation. With the experience we possess, our lawyers are profiled in business matters who have the knowledge and experience to provide representation services based on the results, that our main target is OUR CLIENT. We pride ourselves on being able to be accountable to our customers. Furthermore, we ensure that our clients have personal attention with their attorney handling their case. We evaluate that this is the best way for our clients to express any concerns or ask questions and get the answers they need, effectively and in a timely manner. Because we build our work practice on personal representation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your case with us in order to obtain a personalized case strategy tailored to your needs.
Strict supervision during the work process is a mandatory, complete and continuous condition of the principle of confidentiality and maintaining professional secrecy over your business data. During the work process, strict supervision is a mandatory condition, complete and continuous monitoring of the principle of confidentiality and maintaining professional secrecy over your business data is a mandatory condition.


Lawyer, Founder

Work and Professional Experience:

Mr. Dren Salihu is the founder and manager of the legal office "LEGALIA" in Prishtina. From the beginning of his professional career, Mr. Salihu has worked in the field of Civil and Business Law, initially in the private sector, in the legal service, then in the banking system, at the Economic Bank, Pro Credit Bank, and for a while has worked as the Director of the Legal Department at Albi Group and most recently since 2014 practices the profession of lawyer. 

His experience over the years in the field of Commercial and Civil Law has enabled the practical recognition of problems in contractual, property, enforcement, financial-banking issues, public procurement, taxes and customs, employment, insurance, consumer protection issues, etc.   

Mr. Salihu is a legal consultant-lawyer of some local businesses but also foreign businesses which do business in the Republic of Kosovo.


• University of Prishtina, Faculty of Law, Bachelor studies (2001-2005)
• University of Prishtina, Faculty of Law, Graduate Studies, Master of Science in Civil Law (2007-2009)
• Ministry of Justice, Jurisprudence exam (2014)
• US Embassy-USAID, Strategic Management of Anti-Corruption Development


• Member of the Kosovo Bar Association (2014)
• Certified Arbitrator at the Arbitration Tribunal at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo (2014-2015)
• Member of the inventory commission of the Kosovo Bar Association (2020-2021)


He speaks Albanian, English, Serbian and a little Turkish.